Saturday, April 7, 2007

FILM New Gig

So I just got a gig writing for the Seattle-based website Back in the mid-'90s when the site first launched it would host different writers giving multiple points of view for the same movie. I was the film editor for The Stranger and I helped them out by giving them some of our reviews (The Stranger didn't have an online presence back then). RealNetworks bought the site and it ran for a while before shutting down. But RealNetworks still owned the name, which is a valuable bit of Internet real estate, no?

Last year the site relaunched, this time in more of a "blog" format. More recently, they opened up an "indie" tab, and they just tapped me to write about indie film. My first entry can be found here.

What the heck. Check it out. I'm planning on posting there a couple times a week or so.


Shannon said...

There's nothing like signing off an article with hugs and kisses!

Anonymous said...

How many full page ads can I buy in the newspaper or television ads?


"I'll be covering the smaller films, the art films, the low budget features and regional films that never seem to get the full-page ad in the newspaper or television ads."

Looks like version 2.0 needs an editor.

Andy Spletzer said...

Whoops. Should have written "... that never seem to get television or full-page newspaper ads." (I meant for "the full-page ad in the newspaper" to be its own phrase in the above selection, which may have been clearer if I wrote "nor" instead of "or" to connect it to the television ads). The sentiment was that these are the little films that fly under the radar and tend to go unnoticed in mainstream culture. Unfortunately, you weren't able to pick that up because of my confusing wording. My bad. And shame on the copy editor who let that through. These details are very important.

Adam said...

Hey Andy, will you post a link on your blog here whenever you write something for Just to make sure we know about it?

Also, I keep checking back hoping for information and opinions on vikings, hobos and robots but have yet to see any. What gives?