Sunday, September 16, 2007

WORK Got me a steady gig

I think I may have mentioned a possible job with a PBS TV show called Biz Kid$ a year ago (or less), but it didn't go anywhere. Since then, well, it has gone somewhere.

I am now, and have been for over a month, the Production Manager for Biz Kid$. In talking with Line-Producer (and friend-of-a-friend who is now more simply a friend) Norma Straw and Executive Producer Jamie Hammond, it sounded like a job I could acclimate to pretty quickly. Which turned out to be the case.

The sad part was that I had to turn down working as Script Supervisor on an indie feature called True Adolescents by Craig Johnson, and starring Mark Duplass (who I enjoyed watching in The Puffy Chair and Hannah Takes the Stairs). And it was a good script, too!

Oh well. I've got steady work, it's production work, and it'll be going on for quite some time (which is such a relief after six years of spotty freelance work). I like the people and I think the show's going to be good, too. Like I said, it's for kids and the aim is to teach them money management skills. Most of the people behind it helped create Bill Nye, the Science Guy.

Oh! And I have a new freelance job working for The Seattle Post-Intelligencer. I need to start posting links to those articles, but there's a couple of other things I'm working on that is taking my focus. I'll do that soon.


Zero said...

That's awesome, Andy! congrats on the gig!


Andrew said...

Ditto on what the second guy said.

tonstant weader said...

Regards the "interview" with Julian Schnabel. No complaints that you did it. It pays the bills, but it's a sickening, poorly edited piece of fluff nontheless. No link anywhere on the PI site to your contact info, no credit to the original interviewer, no context for the interview, and as you know Television is a band. Can you get them to fix it because the lack of caps there makes you look like an idiot. Good luck with mainstream journalism, Andy.

Anonymous said...

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