Monday, December 18, 2006


There was power at the location! Not only that, but those who had fallen trees in their neighborhood had already done their chainsaw thing and chopped 'em up, so that neighborhood sound wasn't really an issue (outside of the planes that were determined to fly over).

Yesterday went smoothly. It started slow because the hair and makeup for our lead actress took an hour longer than expected. I don't want to diminish that, because the character is Dassie Goldblatt and she is running the cultural boot camp for boys who want to be Jews, so she needs to have a certain look (which we eventually achieved). This morning things should go quicker for hair and makeup, but even so we gave them an earlier call than the rest of the crew so that they can be done by the time we want to start shooting.

I've been quite pleased with the performances. I know it's dangerous to blog during production, when the cast and crew may log on and read this stuff and it may alter attitudes and performances, but oh well. I'm so glad that we rehearsed ahead of time, because there were some performance alterations that we already had a shorthand for and were able to fix on the fly. We got some funny stuff, which is good because this is a comedy. I'm already looking forward to seeing some of these scenes cut together.

We've got a busy day today, with the "soup spill gag" and subsequent clean-up. Off to set...

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