Wednesday, December 20, 2006


We're about to start our fifth day of shooting and I realize that even though we were unlucky with Mother Nature knocking out our power on the first day, we've been very lucky in terms of weather for the shoot so far. The reason I say that is because it hasn't rained all week... until today.

Luckily we were able to shoot the exterior of Alistair's walk to Dassie's house yesterday under our soft grey cloud cover. Today we finish his entrance to Dassie's house and his first lesson. Long story short, the rain won't affect us.

After the afternoon sequence yesterday, we shifted to set up for the dinner sequence which takes place at night. Twelve people were seated around the table, including four kids, and a shabbose dinner was cooked and brought to set. While lighting was underway, we started the long, difficult process of gathering the props, setting the table, and bringing in the dinner. It's strange to be on a film where the camera department is consistently ready to shoot before the props and set dressing are. Then again, we're working with a volunteer crew, I don't think we have an Art Director (we did have a Set Dresser) on set to answer "art department" questions, and we've passed props notes to a few different people. Most importantly, we're getting everything we need.

Yesterday was a long day. We wrapped around 1:45 in the morning (though the kids were done before midnight). Today will be much shorter. We're scheduled to shoot all afternoon starting at noon, and should wrap between six and seven. Tomorrow is the last day of shooting.

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