Thursday, December 21, 2006


Today is our last day of shooting. We've gotten everything we've needed and are caught up to our schedule. I need to dash out to go to set, so I'll be brief. Today we shoot Alistair in front of the Rabbis.

Yesterday we shot out the living room, which went rather smoothly despite the fact that our 1st AD needed to go to work (glamorous short film shoots don't replace living wage work, unfortunately). We also got the last of the kitchen stuff, which included a close-up of the gefilte fish (aka that which causes Alistair to spill the soup) and a close=up of the soup spill itself, from a low angle. We did the soup spill by having a low angle up to the stove, and a large bucket sort of thing surrounded by a wall of garbage bags, while the camera was in a plastic bag that had a filter attachment taped into it so the camera could see. We were ready to do it several times. We got it on the first full take. And it looks awesome.

More after we finish...

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