Saturday, December 16, 2006


The weather in and around Seattle has been crazy lately. I guess that all started with a more warm and beautiful summer than expected (the upside to global warming?), but the winter is making up for that. Just a week and a half ago we had a generous coating of snow (a rare occurance, not counting the accumulation) in time to host a Monday Night Football game, and two nights ago we had a massive windstorm that played havoc with large parts of the Pacific Northwest.

As you may or may not know from an earlier post, I am directing a short film called "Alistair MacLean: Y'did Nefesh", about a booksmart boy who needs find his "Jewish soul" before he can complete his conversion to Judaism and marry the girl of his dreams, so he enrolls in a "cultural boot camp."

Rehearsals have been going very well, and I'm about to head to set. The only thing is, yesterday when we were loading in we discovered that the location has no power. In fact, the whole neighborhood has no power. I wasn't going to worry about it yesterday until I realized just how many neighborhoods don't have power. The location borders on a really rich area of Seattle (Broadmore), so I'm hoping those rich people do what they do best and get served by society first. For once, that would benefit independent filmmaking.


Anonymous said...

I admire your Lutheran reserve during these trying times. Cancelling a shoot becuase of a freak weather disaster was not tragic enough to force you to use profanity. I must point out that in your haste du5ring this emeergency you spelled occurence and Broadmoor wrong. Good day sir.

Anonymous said...

I left some typos in that last posty, but the rule is: bloggers must use correct punctuation, but comment respondents can do as they please. Forgive me - I lost my cat in the storm (I think), and also I have no power and am currently using a laptop powered by a stationary bicycle.